Smash the cake / by Camera & Kit

I am not going to lie. 

Of all the photography trends to come to the United Kingdom from across the pond, smash the cake shoots would have to be my all time favourite.  Trust me when I say this, I have seen a lot of photography trends come and go.  From boudoir bride to trash the dress to selective colouring (not my finest photographic hour) but I love to smash the cake, and it's not just because I have a penchant for cake and licking icing from the tops of them.  I do spend the occasional Saturday eating decadent cupcakes.  I adore cupcakes. I love the ones inspired by vintage cocktails.  You must go to Lola's in Selfridges.  Seriously go and check out their cupcakes for grown-ups. I was going tosay adult cupcakes but not sure what that conjures up in the mind!

If I can't eat cake then the next best thing is that I can photograph little ones indulging in cake.  Is there anything more satisfying than photographing a baby who has been plonked in front of a giant cupcake and let loose?  I cannot think of anything more fabulous. Little ones and cake, what possibly could go wrong?! 

Smash the cake shoots are an adorable way to celebrate your baby or babies turning one; actually, they are an excellent way to photograph any child celebrating a birthday.  They are effortlessly simple but with visually stunning results.  It's an exercise in documenting the character your child.  Seeing the different ways babies respond to the sweetness and messiness of cake is a visual exercise in photographic anthropology.   A visual study of baby kind.  It's an academic study of the tots of Nappy Valley.  Some kids instantly take to the cake straight away, burying their cute button noses in frosting, others look and contemplate how they are going to tackle what sits in front of them. Some go all Jackson Pollock and paint the walls cake.  

Whatever way you baby seeks to explore cake, whether they have a sweet tooth or inquisitive mind, a smash the shoot cake is a wonderful way to capture your little one/s in their natural state of inquisitiveness and play.