My MA and Me ... part one / by Camera & Kit

You don't need an MA in photography to be a wedding photographer, in fact, you don't need a qualification at all.  As long as you have talent, passion, a photographic eye, creative wit, a desire to always better your craft, a willingness to work long hours (loooong long hours), happy to be saying goodbye to your Saturdays and a kick arse attitude of never giving up then you should do okay as a wedding photographer. 

More than okay.

I did not spend countless hours slaving away at an MA to be a better wedding photographer, that was a lovely unintended consequence. In fact, I was not sure I'd still be a wedding photographer after I completed the MA but here we are. I am still a wedding photographer.  I was feeling a bit meh about the wedding industry when I started the MA, and as I sit here completing Photography PhD applications,  I am inspired more than ever to keep going as a wedding photographer whilst pursuing photographic academia. 

I did not get an MA to justify, charging what I do. Trust me when I say this, an MA is a long hard slog if your only incentive is money.   However, this is no denying that having survived post graduate photographic study and being spat out the other side then I can honestly say an MA in photography has made me a better wedding photographer, but probably not for the reasons you'd think.  I did a theoretical MA not a practise based MA.  So, thought I would write in the coming days about why I did an MA and how its helped me to be a better wedding photographer. 

Inspired is a damn good word that comes to mind. Part two will be about why I did a MA and Part 3 how it enriched my photographic life and wedding photography.