A quick Q&A / by Camera & Kit

Signature Aesthetic:

The set of principles underlying my photographic artistic work are all about creating visionary, unique and creative wedding photography.
Capturing real authentic moments of the wedding day without resorting to staged shots. It's import to me that I keep challenging the norms of wedding photography through creating stunning images and my artistic vision.  My camera is there to witness your day, as an agent of creating visual histories and not be a part of it

The Dream Client:  

My dream clients are a couple who really adore photography and want their wedding photographs to be different and creative. Couples who understand that photographs are integral to the day not just something you do because it's a wedding. Couples who put their trust in me to create photographic nostalgia and histories for loved ones.  A couple who value prints, albums and books.

Specialities include:

I work most often in London and destination events. I tend to shoot a lot of multi-day weddings which is a whole other level of performance art.  I'd say my speciality is to create a unique creative brief for each wedding regardless of the location, budget or style of the day and produce pretty, feminine and whimsical artistic imagery.

The points of difference:

I'm not going to say it's because I am photojournalistic, that is such an overused and often misunderstood term. My point of difference is my work, I produce pretty, emotive, whimsical, and eye-catching photographs. I have spent years honing my craft, my MA is evident of that.  I am not afraid to be different and that can only be wonderful.

Weddings of Note:  

A 2-day wedding in Rome attended by the Olsen Twins, a 3-day beach wedding in Sicily and a 5-day wedding in Florence

Weddings/Year:  20- 25

Film or Digital?

A combination of the both