Vintage Inspired Black and White ... / by Camera & Kit

One of the things I love about the wedding industry is that it's an industry that is constantly evolving with new ideas and fascinating trends, wedding photography is no different, especially wedding photography.    I have been around the wedding biz long enough that I have seen the explosion in popularity of the photobooth, shooting through vintage photo frames, the rise of the wedding photo book and the naughtiness of the boudoir bride photography in the noughties and everything in between and well, lucky for me wedding cupcakes and cheese wheel cakes, although got to be honest, not sure I can embrace the royal bowl food movement.

The vintage-inspired is one trend that I am glad has stood the test of wedding trend time (who'd have guessed that vintage would always be fashionable) You can take the vintage trend in whatever direction you want as an artist and that's the beauty of the subjective nature of being a photographic artist.  You can do whatever creative edit your mind can conjure up.  My only advice would be just is that you need to discuss your creative vision with your clients to make sure that you are on the same page, which is why I love doing a creative consult and come up with an artistic brief for each couple.  I also give them a set of photos that don't have the artist enhancement, a set with just colour correction. 


I love black and white photographs, I love the contrast, lots of blacks, lots of greys and every shade in-between. I love the imperfections of wet plate photography too, in makes sense to combine my two photographic loves  —the scratches, hazy patches, and blurriness, I adore that we can now do wet plate digital photography. The beauty in wet plate images, in this case, wet plate inspired digital photography is that each image is filled with many imperfections, unlike normally edited digital images, which are often either executed perfectly or fixed in post-production.