Long Live Black and White / by Camera & Kit

Don't be afraid of black and white, no seriously I mean it.  There is a sweet saying that the wonderful Ted Grant once said, he said “When you photograph people in colour, you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in Black and white, you photograph their souls!”

It's true!

Although I do not suggest photographing your wedding in black and white unless you are shooting on film. Impossible HQ do fantastic black and white Polaroid film, however, if you are shooting digital then convert post shooting. Black and white can add a certain elegance and eloquence to your images. Especially if your wedding falls some time when the lighting is a little moody and dramatic, For weddings between October and March, if you wed in the northern hemisphere, in particular for weddings in an urban setting, the effects can be somewhat dramatic.

I'll promise you that you'll fall in love with the different tonal quality of your images.  It's more than just greyscale or hitting the convert tool in Photoshop Black; it's about getting the right whites and the true blacks.   If you get a set of your wedding photos in black and white, and to be honest, your wedding photographer should give you a set as part of your package, then make sure you add some to your album as mixing black and white photos with colour can be wonderful.