I have grown increasing frustrated with the popular storybooks sold in the wedding industry.  I am not sure how wedding photographers can offer so-called bespoke wedding albums if all photographers are offering the same bespoke collection.  It does not make sense!

There are a few I do admire.  Sadly,  what I love about their prettiness and quirkiness has been lost in mass production and popularity.  Everyone uses the same brands, same layouts (mainly the same layouts), same binding and book covers.  I feel sad about that.  It breaks my heart. Uniqueness, artistry, and individuality are important to me.  It's important for my wedding style.  It's important for the way my images are displayed.

It's important for your wedding photographs.  Imperative.

I do not blame the consumer for buying what's out there.  I blame the industry.  It's not the consumer; it's the lack of creative vision in the industry.  It is.  It's time for me to break up with the wedding industry.  You must have known it would end one day.  It was fun while it lasted. It's not me; it's you.

Why not ask for an e-book, pdf or magazine...


This lack of creative vision across the wedding industry inspired me to understand my photographic craft.  So I studied self-publishing, bookbinding, and design as part of my Masters Degree.

There is something wonderful about the use of white space in a book.  It's not about how many photos you can cram on to spread but about making that picture stand out and be a part of the story. I was especially frustrated with an inability to have more creative input in the way my images were displayed in a book.  That's important to me.  To have a creative say from the moment we sit down and talk about your wedding to the creating of a Photobook.  I see Photo-books,  in the case wedding story books as an extension of exhibition space in itself, space and time to showcase & share your wedding.

Your album or photo book IS the exhibition of your wedding that will be a source of wonderment for your friends and family.  The history. The romantic nostalgia. The hand me down heirloom.

What does this mean for you?

In means that you do truly get a bespoke book, album and other creative storage & display options for your wedding.  We sit down together, we selection photos together and I design a layout.  We pick a cover together; you get a physical proof of the book to check, and I then print and bind.

I add in elements of creativity from photo-book creation; I refuse to follow rules when it comes to wedding books.  It's about creating something unique just for your wedding by combining my skills with graphic design and wedding photography

Wedding story books and albums are priced at £750

If you have already had your stunning nuptials, and you are looking for a truly unique and bespoke photo books or photo ideas, please get in touch, info@camera-and-kit.com